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2019-10-18 19:20:54

The scientist would also have written on his blog to legalize child pornography and to abolish the legal age of consent of minors. MIT is being criticized by critics for having maintained special ties with Jeffrey Epstein.

Update from 19/09/2019: As a result of several justified comments, the editors decided to change the title of the article from Stallman leaves the Free Software Foundation and MIT to support Jeffrey Epstein (and not that) to Stallman leaves the Free Software Foundation after the announcement of emails that evoke the Epstein case .

The Jeffrey Epstein affair continues to grow. Since the suicide of the billionaire, accused of trafficking in minors, the court has been trying to identify the various members of the network set up by the former businessman.

Richard Stallman caught up with his positions and encouraged sexual relations with minors

The scandal of this affair spatters the MIT in particular, and Richard Stallman, known for having set up the GNU project, just left his positions at the prestigious technology institute and as chairman of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

In particular, Stallman is accused of several emails in which he publicly defends the activities of Jeffrey Epstein and was of the opinion that one of the victims of this 17-year-old prostitution ring had been forced to have sex with a MIT teacher completely agree .

In these e-mails, Stallma also confirmed that it is absolutely wrong to use the term sexual abuse in a charge of this type& Nbsp . And continue I think it is morally absurd to define rape in a way that depends on small details, such as the country in which it was committed or the victim was 18 or 17 years old To close an e-mail sent to many of his colleagues.

MIT will have to answer for his ties with Jeffrey Epstein

The scientist is also overtaken by his different positions. On his personal blog, he openly explained that he wanted the legalization of child pornography, but also the abolition of the age at which consent was given to sexual relations between minors and adults.

MIT had no choice but to force the hand of his famous investigator to abandon his responsibilities: I do it because of the pressure on MIT and me, after a series of misunderstandings , He explains in his resignation letter, transcribed on his blog.

The institution is also the target of researchers who want to know more about her relationship with the billionaire. In 2012, MIT received a donation from Jeffrey Epstein, four years after admitting to prostitute a minor.

The director of the MIT, Rafael Reif, admitted that he had sent a letter to the businessman thanking him for his generosity despite his sulfur-like reputation. In this case he will have to answer for the attitude of the institution, while the researchers are determined to know the whole truth about this filthy story.

Source: TechCrunch

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